Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pins and Needles

I still haven't heard back from the company that I interviewed with last Friday. The wait is killing me! It's like I'm reliving the dreaded 2ww all over again. I have those moments where I think to myself there is no way that I didn't get the job and the next minute I think they would have called already if they liked me. What makes it even worse is that I contacted a lot of potential apartment complexes to find is place to live. Everytime I see a phone number from that area I get all jumpy because I think its the job calling only to find out it's an apartment complex returning my call. It's nerve racking.

So I know I've been joking around about baby names but I think I need to start getting a little more serious about the big decision. I hoping you ladies can help. Here is my list so far:

1. Nolan
2. Liam
3. Wyatt
4. Finn
5. Leo
6. Oliver

I absolutely love the name Nolan but my sister's son is named Logan and I'm a little concerned that the two names sounding too similar. Liam is getting really popular around these parts and I don't want my son to have to deal with all the problems that are associated with a common name. Leo is a great name that a couple of friends have suggested, however, that is my infertility doctors name and I don't want anyone to think I named my son after the Doctor that helped me to get knocked up. Too weird. I love the name Finn but my aunt just named her new puppy Finley but they call her Finn for short. I can just imagine my Aunt yelling at the dog (she does that alot and its scary) and having my son think she is yelling at him. Plus having a dog and child named almost the same thing is not right. I love the name Oliver, but my co-worker that just had her twins prematurely named one of her sons the same name. Of course, if I get the new job and am able to move away from here that won't matter. The only name that doesn't have some crazy issue surrounding it is Wyatt and I do like it but am not sure if Im completely sold on the name like I am with the name Nolan.

Man do I sound crazy hormonal and neurotic in that last paragraph!!


R said...

My votes are for either Nolan or Leo. Oliver's cute, too, though.

If you haven't heard back about the job by tomorrow or Friday, I think you can call to check in. Just say you wanted to follow up, which I think shows responsibility and that you're interested.

Good luck!!

wottadoll said...

It's amazing how much stress the name thing causes, isn't it? I cut to the chase and went with grandparent's names - bam! I like all of your names but have a fondness for Oliver for some reason. Just my 2 cents.

Tiara said...

I love Nolan & Oliver...they get my vote.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you & the job.

SurlyMama said...

I love Oliver! I was considering it for a middle name if I had a boy (I was going to use a family name for the first name), but I liked it so much I wanted to save it for a first name if I ever had a second boy.

Gille said...

Oliver was on the list for J so its a favorite and gets my vote along with Leo which is a sweet name.

Ally said...

I can't help you because I don't really like any of those names. My cousin's two boys are named Logan and Nolan. People are always asking my cousin, "Was he named after Nolan Ryan, the baseball player?". Of course, he wasn't but that's what everyone thinks. My brother's best friend's son is named Liam. Which I think sounds like a foreign word for Lion. One of my brother's friends in high school is named Wyatt and I've never liked him. I know two people who have boys named Finn (reminds me of a shark). Oliver reminds me of Oliver Twist and I hated Oliver Twist. Oliver is also another name for dark green which is such an ugly color. Leo is the only name on that list that I actually like. That funny pot smoking hippie on "That 70's Show" was named Leo. He was hilarious. Sorry if I wasn't a help. My brother and his wife named their son Colton thinking it was original but there ended up being two other newborns at the hospital with the same name. Oh well, just go with what you like whether or not someone already has that name.

MeAndBaby said...

Oh I totally understand your struggle with picking a name! I had no idea how hard it would be. For what it's worth, I like them all (and I would tell you otherwise) BUT I get your reasons for not picking some. I had picked out a name for one of my boys early in the pregnancy but it turned out to be a really popular name and I didn't want him to be one of 10 kids in his class with the same name. If I had to pick a top one, I really like Wyatt. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Liam is Irish for William.