Friday, November 11, 2011

When Times Get Hard, Look For the Humor In It All

I have a habit of cracking jokes even during difficult situations. Laughter is a great coping mechanism so I try to look for some humor in it all.

I received the paper work I needed to fill out for my doctors appointment. The second question under medical history was "Is the baby's father related to you?" I know that might not seem funny to some people but I have a sick sense of humor and I DO live just north of the Kentucky border where people joke around all the time about brothers marrying sister's, etc. As soon as I saw the question I had to quick text my sister and a friend. They suggested that since I really didn't know who the father is (other than the basic donor information) that I should put a question mark in the answer box. LOL. I sure hope that's not an issue:)

My doctors office provided me with the list of all things that need to be accomplished in your 6th month of pregancy. This includes signing up for birth and baby care classes, hiring a pediatrician and looking into daycare. I signed up for a "Mother and Infant" class and a breastfeeding class today but I just couldn't bring myself to sign up for the birthing class. There are no specialty classes for single moms here; they are all couple oriented. I feel like a bit of a loser for going alone and I really feel guilty about asking a friend to take time out of their lives for a two day birthing workshop. Anyone else for-go the birthing class? I know baby center has some online classes maybe I will test them out.

Next step is finding a daycare provider and a pediatrician. I don't know why I have this incredible desire to procrastinate on this but I do.

I finally found a baby memory book for single moms that conceive through donors! The book, made by Tessera, was a little costly but so worth it!! I can't believe there aren't more books out on the market like this. Seems like a new business opportunity to me. Now I'm just on a hunt for children books that relate to being born to SMC's. Any suggestions?


wottadoll said...

At the Choice Mom conference I went to last weekend, there were lots of questions about books for our kids to help explain how they came into the world - a therapist recommended this group It's a UK based website, but apparently it has a great listing of books that maybe you could try to find in the US. Good luck!

Shannon said...


I've not found any books I like; there's one that looks cute, uses simple words and is with lions as the characters in the story, but it uses father instead of donor, which I don't like ( it's on Amazon, if you're interested). I may end up making my own book.

I totally skipped out on birthing classes. I did read a few books and then had prenatal sessions with my doula, and that took care of everything.

Tiara said...

Tho I did learn some stuff at birth class I never would have gone if I'd had to go alone...& to be honest, everything I'd learned went right out the window when I was in the heat of labour ;)

I haven't found any donor specific books yet but I do take great care in the books I buy that they don't have daddy characters & that they have strong mommy/child presence. Mikki Morrisette's Choice Mom website was working on a donor storybook for kids but I haven't seen it available yet..,

Little One said...

I was glad to have a doula - she did my birthing classes privately in my own home.

As for books, I have two:

Why Don't I Have a Daddy? A story of Donor Conception. By George Anne Clay

Just the Baby for Me by Barbara Sue Levin.

I like them both but I think I like the first one better. Scarlett is too young for them but the first one gives your child ways to explain to his/her friends the situation and it tells the story through different animals in different types of families.

Jem said...

I'm so glad you asked these questions. While I'm not single, we did use donor sperm and I am struggling about how to tell the child, what books can help, and what to tell others.

I do have a friend who is going through these birthing classes solo (she's single and expecting twins). So far she's invited other PG friends who might want to benefit from a free class.