Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the Hits Keep Coming

God, this blog is turning into a "Doom and Gloom" Blog. Sorry.

I had my appointment with DR. B today. He said I've been responding beautifully but he did not waver in telling me to switch donors. Although there are seven pregnancies reported, on average my four vials donated by mr. dimples contained around 10 million sperm and had a motility rate of 20%!! It should be closer to 50%. He was very clear in saying that my chances of getting pregnant by this donor is next to none. So I feel like I totally wasted the last two cycles. I'm kind of upset but c'est la vie. So I'm going to just roll with the punches.

I figured this wouldn't be too much of problem, afterall, I picked out three donors to begin with but just as my luck will have it, one donor has already reached his pregnancy limit so now I am down to one. Just to be on the safe side, I chose two more potentials and am waiting on their profile reports. I hope they are emailed to me rather quickly because I need to make my decision by tomorrow. Yikes!!

UPDATE: As the staples easy button says "Well that was easy". After a lengthy discussion with the donor coordinator at the clinic and reviewing the new profiles, I found a new donor quickly. Maybe too quickly but it feels right. The donor sounds like me, only with a penis. haha. He was on my original top ten list, has the best stats out of all ten on my list. I kind of wish I had bought more profiles in the beginning so that I could see what else was out there and I would have discovered this gem of a donor but, at the time, I thought it would make my decision that much harder.

Donor arrives on Wednesday! Let my ttc time begin!


Jay said...

wow- 10 million total with a motility of 20%? So 2 million is the total motile count? Hope you atleast got your money back the cost of the vials!

Best of luck with the new donor!

Tiara said...

So glad you were able to find another donor so quickly...he sounds much more promising. I agree with Jay...they should at least offer you a rebate.

Shannon said...

Wow, that sounds like a bad couple of vials, for sure! My donor's numbers were always low (7-9 mil), but 98-99% motility each time. I'm SO happy you found another donor, especially one that you like so much!

Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!