Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not through the woods yet

After all the drama the last few days and the it all coming to an end yesterday I would have thought I would of slept like a baby. Instead I slept for three hours, spending the rest of the time having some pretty insane internal dialogue. Even though he came clean with everything I'm still upset that he used the excuse that he didn't know he was in charge of me. I know I should just let it go but it just pisses me off because he time and time again has told me that he is the project manager and that these are his decisions and that he doesn't care to hear my input. So why the sudden change? It just doesn't make sense to come clean on all of the other stuff only to come up with some lame ass excuse for the little stuff.

Just let it go Lorelei.

The bottle of wine was good last night. I probably should have stop at the second glass like I intended but it was a good chardonnay and I know if I would have capped it, it would have just gone bad in my fridge. So I curled up and watched the last two episodes of the bachelor that I DVR'd. Damn, Brad's a hottie but some of those girls are CRAZY!! If I acted like some of these girls do on the show, I would be ashamed of myself and embarassed for my family. PICK ME BRAD!!

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Tiara said...

I am not a Brad fan by any means but I have been drawn into this season of The Bachelor like watching a train wreck...some of these girls ARE crazy with a capital WACKO!!