Monday, February 7, 2011

Cat's Out of the Bag

I'm still not sure how it happened, but my whole work situation seems to be the hot gossip topic. The only person who I told was a co-worker in another department who hasn't been at work to talk to anyone else about it. Could it be HR, the Manager, or the Boss? Regardless, People Please Shut UP!! It's just going to make the situation worse!

Our workplace gossip queen approached me first thing this morning to congratulate me on my big win. I had no idea what the heck she was talking about and then she said "You know what I'm congratulating you about" wink wink. I appreciate the support and it is a vindicating feeling to know so many other people have seen what has been going on and knew it was wrong but please let's have a little more tact. I still denied knowing what she was talking about because, at that point, other people were catching on to the conversation, waiting like dogs for a treat. If anyone gets any sense that I am gloating, I will be doomed. Hoped I played it cool enough.

Manager has been incredibly nice and friendly. It has been a nice turn of events. Hopefully this leads to a stress free cycle next month. NEXT MONTH!! Whew it's coming up fast. I also just discovered that my RE hired a part time acupuncturist who specializes in womens health and fertility. I really hope I can try it.

Funny story. I was just talking to the CEO of our company talking about the Packers big win (I'm Wisconsin girl and ya gotta root for the Pack, ya der hey). When I turned to leave I walked directly into the wall! Man, I am such a ditz! We both just laughed and then I left.....carefully. I wonder if I left an imprint of my face in his wall? :)


Tiara said...

Sounds like some of your coworkers have confused the work place with highschool, lol!

A stress free cycle would be awesome for you & I hope you get in with the new acupuncturist!

Single Mom 2b said...

You obviously know the right way to play this until all of the cards are dealt. I still think the mgr could face repercussions but you know how long filtering decisions like that can take.

In the meantime, here's to creating a stress-free cycle for you. Lord know's I know how important that is... and I think I finally created that for my next cycle... with some honesty and a lot of luck!

Acupuncture is wonderful. I never thought I would look forward to getting stuck with needles (that were then left in me for prolonged periods of time)... but it's my weekly guilty pleasure now.

Take care. Thinking of you!