Friday, February 18, 2011

Turning Over A New Leaf

Things are starting to get a little better. The manager situation has gone really well in the last week, the car situation was worked out with minimal cost, my sister announced she's pregnant, and I'm still tired but it's manageable, and the antibiotics seemed to have wiped out my infection.

Yes, I snuck in the little fact that my sister announced her pregnancy to the family. She's only eight weeks along. I'm excited for her but I'm still a little sad. I really thought I would be next but that's all okay because I got a surprise windfall of money that will pay for my next cycle!! Yippee!!! I called the doctors office this morning to schedule an appointment with the RE to do a consultation which will occur on the 23rd. It looks like I will be able to try this upcoming cycle instead of the end of March. I'm so psyched, I want to jump around my office screaming! Since that might freak my co-workers out, I think I will settle for a permanent grin instead. :)


Tiara said...

Yeah for financial win falls!!! So glad you'll get to try again sooner than later.

Gille said...

Yay! Hopefully you and your sister will be able to soon compare pregnant bellies, clothes, tips and all that good stuff due to your financial goodies.