Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Damn, It's Positive

I've got mono. CRAP!! Doc says it shouldn't affect me to much when trying at the end of March, since he thought I should be fine by then. He thought I should temporarily stop working my second job so I can get the additional rest I need, but I was kind of planning on that money for my next cycle. Oh well, what difference does it make to have the money to do it when my body is to tired to function.


Tiara said...

Ah crap...glad you're being treated though & I hope it doesn't interfere with your next try.

Shannon said...

Ew, yuck. Mono sucks! I'm glad that's all it is though - big spleens and lymph nodes always make me nervous. I'm glad it's not going to interfere with TTC!

Billy said...

Oh, that sucks!