Friday, February 17, 2012

10 days!

So the plan is as follows:

Next sunday morning my best friend arrives mid-day, then we are off to an awesome dinner (it better be awesome because I wont be able to eat until the baby is delivered). Finally, Check-in at the hospital at 9pm.

Best friend will be staying until baby is born then she is off on her 5 hour drive back home. As of now she still has to work tuesday morning but if she can get out of it she will be staying until tuesday night. I am so thankful for her!!

If I have a vaginal birth I will be released on wednesday, c-section will mean I will be released thursday or friday. My parents will be down that saturday, so that means I still need to find someone who can take me home. I'm just a dumb first-time mom and really thought I would be allowed to drive home myself (if I have a vaginal delivery) but I just found out they wont let me drive for a week :( I think a couple of my co-workers will be available to help so hopefully this will all work out. I don't know if I'm excited to have a couple days alone with the baby before the family madness begins or scared out of mind.

So my parents will be down for a week (3rd through the 10th) but they are bringing their two yapper dogs. They are cute but they don't ever shut up and they are not fully potty trained!! I told my mom they aren't allowed inside the house with out a bark collar on. Side note, Cooper (my dog) seems to have picked up this barking habit while staying at their house. I'm hoping I can break him of this fast! I'm not exactly thrilled about them bringing their dogs, afterall, my brother could easily watch them while my parents are away, but my mom said they would only stay for three days if they couldn't have the dogs with them. I was too tired to argue with her so I conceeded.

My sister and her family will only be down the 7th through the 10th and will be staying at a hotel. As of today, the rest of the family will be there from the 9th through the 11th. I'm just going to suck it up, its only for a few days and then I will have no one around. Gulp!!

I went to my first single mothers group last week and forgot to post about it. While some of the conversations were interesting (how to save money, living without sleep for the first few months, daycare centers, etc), there were some serious awkward moments. What is up with single woman calling their ex-spouses/boyfriends etc sperm donors?? Aahhh I cringed everytime I heard it! I wanted to say something, but I seemed to have lost my balls this last month (I'm normally not to afraid to say whats on my mind). I really don't know if I'm going to return for a second round with this group. Even though we are all going it alone, I just didn't feel like I could relate to many of the women. The conversation was mainly dominated by child support issues. What do I have to offer in a conversation regarding child support? I really wish I didn't live in an area where being a SMC is a novelty.


Isis said...

Wow! Sounds like you are going to have a couple of very busy weeks coming up. How do you think your parents' dogs are going to react to having a baby around?
I'm sorry your single mothers group did not go well. I had a coworker who was a single mother NOT by choice and she was obsessed with child support - it got rather annoying. Also, I too live in an area where being a SMC is a novelty. It sucks to have no one nearby who is on the same path.

Tiara said...

That single moms group doesn't sound fun. I too wish there was a larger SMC community in my town...I could go into the "big city" where there's a large group but it's a 40+minute drive in horrendous traffic so just havent been able to bring myself to.

You've got yourself a very busy next couple of weeks! So exciting! Glad your friend will be there for you!