Monday, February 6, 2012

27 days and its a full moon!

I started spotting last night and accompanied with a lot of pressure in my nether region. It's like I'm carrying a bowling ball with my lady bits. I should video tape how I'm walking so I will always remember how ridiculous I look right now. If I take a walk out by the lake, I think some of the ducks will start following me, thinking that I'm one of them.

I continued to have mild off and on cramping since I had my cerclage removed but this morning it has been non-stop. Now I'm not saying I'm in labor but there is something funny going on here. I called to move my appointment up with my doctor. The earliest they could get me in is wednesday morning (my original appt was that afternoon anyways). I'm still anti-triage but if this continues at this pace, I'm heading in by the end of the day. Perfect timing if something does happen because my family will be driving through my city around midnight while they are on there way back from their cruise.

Now watch all this cramping and pressure is just caused by BH's or gas pains..haha.


Genie said...

I think we're having the same experience. It feels like he's wedged his head under my pelvic bone. So I'm walking with my legs spread wide. 38 weeks yesterday though ... so hoping that he'll make a move soon.

Good luck!

Tiara said...

Sounds uncomfortable! Are you sure you can wait until Wednesday? Good luck & stay calm