Thursday, February 16, 2012

17 days!

Sorry, I don't mean to be MIA for so long but everytime I start creating a new post, I get interrupted with work. First, I'm still pregnant. Things are going really well (Knock on Wood). I had a perinatologist appt yesterday and the fluid around the baby went up again to a 11.2 which is awesome considering just 3 weeks ago I was at a 6.9. The running joke at the office is that they are going to start charging me for water and TP. I have to be drinking well over a gallon of water every 8 hours but I'm so darn thirsty I can't help myself. At least it is keeping the fluid around the baby nice and high.

When I say I had a perinatologist appointment what that really means is that I got to spend some quality time with the sonographer while receiving a biophysical. I never saw the specialist. The sonographer had me scratching my head by the end of the appointment. In the middle of the scan she started saying how I must be so excited to be getting induced this weekend. Aaaahhhhh, what????? She read the chart again and said yeah it says right hear your getting induced this Friday. WTH?? Why? Everything is going ok? This is the first I've heard of this. She went to get the doctor but he hadn't arrived yet and told me to clarify it with my OB, who I get to see in about 50 minutes. I really think it's some kind of mistake, the doctor has already made the mistake of thinking I'm a week ahead of where I'm at. So now I'm waiting to find out what the heck is going on. I'm ready if that's what is going to happen but I'm not sure the baby is ready.

So much more has happened in the last week, which I will share in a later post but for now I'm off to the doctors office.


Gille said...

Okay so I'm obviously going to be waiting for an update now!

Tiara said...

Yes, anxiously waiting for an update!! If I can offer some unsolicited advice...don't do the induction unless there is very necessary reason to. I was induced & tho it was warranted, it also could have waited & in hind sight I wish I hadn't let myself get talked into it...hopefully it's just a clerical error & you'll be allowed to wait.

Jem said...

So good to hear from you! I can't believe you are still working.

Keep us posted, girl!!!!!!

wottadoll said...

It's getting so close! I hope the note about induction was in error, too - you'd think they'd have mentioned it to you first, sheesh!