Monday, February 20, 2012

6 days!

I love my aunt Sharon. She called me last night and told me that she wanted to come down to visit me when no one else was around so they are moving their visit to the end of the month. That's four less people crammed into my place on the weekend of the 10th. Whoop, Whoop. She was pretty funny about it all. She said that she had some selfish motives behind the date change, she wanted the baby all to herself. Awesome. Now I just need to convince my other aunts and my grandmother to come a week later.

I can't stop thinking about my upcoming induction. I'm excited but really nervous/curious about how it's all going to play out. The pain!! It's my biggest fear along with tearing and needing stiches. blah...

I just have to laugh. It's 4:45pm. One of my bosses just came up and asked me how long I plan on being here. I told him friday and no later (told him the same thing last Thursday). Then he says we need to sit down and talk about how I'm going to get all these projects done by the time I leave (which equals about 3 months of work for two people to do). Uuuhhhh, havent we had this conversation like 10 times in the last month and wasn't it clear that they would need to get someone else to help out? Am I trapped in the movie "Ground hogs Day"? I was in shock that he asked and didn't know how to answer so I just sat there with my mouth slightly opened. Then he asks if I have any solutions to the problem. I mentioned that we had discused getting an intern but that was back in January. I really thought they had started that process, but clearly they hadn't. At this point, by the time they hire an intern and train them, I will most likely be back within a week or two. I then tried to refresh his memory and explained that we worked together to create a realistic list of things to complete before I left (which I'm really close to finishing) so that they would be in a better position to complete the work during my absence. We also passed some of the work load to our secretary (who isn't trained to do what I do). I don't think he realized there was that much work that needed to be completed still, now he's panicking 4 days before I leave. He then pulls in my manager and asks what his schedule will be like for the next couple of months (again, 10th conversation regarding co-workers schedule). I know we haven't seen eye to eye in the past and he has kind of put himself in this situation by taking work away from me for months on end, but I truly feel sorry for this guy. We've both been staying late and coming in on weekends just to keep our heads above water, now with me leaving, he doesn't stand a chance. Now it sounds like we are going to have another department meeting about our previous meetings about me leaving. Ghaaaawwwwd! I hope I go into labor tonight!!


Single Mom BB said...

That's just comical at this point. I'm so glad that you will be out of there soon, a much needed reprieve. Best wishes for Friday!!

Tiara said...

It sounds like an episode of The Office, lol! It almost seems like they've been in denial that you're going to be off! Good luck & don't work too hard these next few days!