Tuesday, February 7, 2012

26 days

So most of the cramping tapered off by noon along with the spotting. Perfect. I'm wondering if I'm still just overdoing it somehow. I was cleaning the night before, not alot but enough were I was glad to be able to lay around afterwards. This might make a good excuse to pay for a maid to come in:)

My parents picked up my dog this morning. If it wasn't such a funny sight to see 4 adults and a big lab along with all their luggage crammed into a Nissan Ultima, I would have been bawling my eyes out. I have no idea how they are going to make that 7 hour drive in that clown car. Cooper got into the car without a problem (what dog doesn't like a car ride), but he looked a little panicked when he realized I wasn't getting in the car with him. He had his nose all pressed against the window, with the saddest brown eyes I've ever seen. I'm sure he will be fine staying at my parents for the next 3 weeks but I am going to miss that dog like crazy.. I already do.

Funny enough my remaining cat was howling for an hour after they left. She hates the dog and is always attacking him even for no reason. She was probably thinking she is the next to go....first my Evie Cat, then Cooper disappears....Oh crap, I'm next. Maybe this will make her start behaving. Wishfull thinking.

I don't think I slept a wink last night. I was a little anxious about Cooper leaving and then there was a crazy car chase through my neighborhood which ended with a manhunt for two suspects that had robbed the gas station down the street. I swear there had to be twenty squad cars searching my neighborhood with their big flood lights. At least I can say the PD where on top of things.

What really kept me up last night was me thinking about this upcoming round of doctors appointments. I'm sure I've said it before, but it really sucks going to these appts and not knowing what to expect. Is everything ok? Are they going to put me on bedrest? Are they going to induce me? The not knowing is bitterly painful. I wish there was something to keep my mind off of all of this but there isn't. I think the worse part is I'm starting to get the daily phone calls from friends and family to see if I've had him yet. I think its way too soon to be getting these phone calls. I'm only 36 weeks people!! It's nice to know that they care, but it just makes me more anxious. I would seriously consider turning off my phone if I knew it wouldn't send some people into a frenzy.


Gille said...

36 weeks is about when I started getting asked too. Very annoying!

Take it easy! No induction talk (which I know is terrifying!) no labor, just calm baby baking weeks to come! I'm hoping for you!

Jem said...

Oh, poor puppy! Of course he misses you and you, him!

Oh, and STOP CLEANING, girl!!! Just let it be messy. Or ask one of those well-meaning people who keep calling if they can come over to help clean. I'm sure it would make someone very happy to lend a hand.

Abby said...

can you leave a voicemail message that says, "hey, it's me, and i haven't gone into labor yet, please leave a message"?

the calls only get worse, then you start getting facebook messages saying, "haven't you had that baby yet?" (god forbid you go ten days past your due date, like i did, which isn't really LATE or OVERDUE... babies are not library books!)

i think i posted on FB, "yes, she's been here for ages, did i forget to tell you? we've actually started looking at colleges."

people only reach out because they care... but you can find creative and funny ways to let them know that all is well without them driving you crazy with concern.

sounds like everything is well and that baby is staying put for the time being!

wonderful! and i agree, don't clean! consider this as time to practice accepting help! or hire a cleaning lady. seriously, best money i ever spent!

Tiara said...

Oh those phone calls are so annoying! I mean, come on people!!! Do they think you'd just forget to tell them?!?! When I was induced & in the hospital it was the worst...I was sending pretty regular texts yet was still constantly getting text wanting info...I finally did just turn my phone off & am still catching flack for it to this day...it's like people think you have nothing better to do than keeping them up to date...ok, rant over :)

I agree with the above...stop cleaning! Relax & think as much as possible about bakin' your boy a little longer...good luck at your appointment today.