Thursday, February 2, 2012

31 days...Surprise!

No, I didn't have the baby. The better news is I got my fluid to go up by .2 so the doctor told me as long as I keep doing whatever I did this lask week he will let me stay off of bedrest. What a relief!! I don't think I could handle true bedrest without going nuts from boredom. He did remind me the increase in fluid wasn't enough to put me in the normal range and that bedrest and induction can still be on table for discussion next week. Way to bring me back down to earth doc! At least I now know that laying around and drinking gobs of water can really help. My blood pressure still looks good and the nurse was joking around that I have only gained 3lbs since November and that pregnancy will end up being a great weight loss program for me (I started off overweight so I wasn't suppose to gain more than 15lbs this pregnancy). After my sister gained 60lbs in her pregnancy, I thought that I would follow her path but I guess not. Oooh, it would be a nice surprise to not only get a baby out of all of this but also go down two pant sizes. I still have a month left which leaves plenty of time to pack on more pounds so hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.

I'm still having a lot of cramping but hopefully when the weekend comes I can just relax enough on the couch to make them go away. The doctor just told me that the cramping can last for days after the cerclage is removed and to not worry about it.

I said the stupidest thing this morning. I just have to share. I keep thinking my belly is getting smaller. I told this to one of my female co-workers and she started to laugh hysterically. I didn't think it was funny.
Why is that funny? She told me her and another co-worker just got done joking around that my boobs have gotten huge over the last week or two. Then it dawned on my that my point of reference on the belly size has been my girls. They gotten so pornographically huge, I can barely see my belly anymore. Duh...

I'm so excited that I might prove my regular OB wrong (she said if I made it past this week I would be lucky). On Saturday I will be 36 weeks, maybe I can make it to 37 weeks or later!


Jem said...

Ha! that explains the "shrinking" belly! Ha!

Abby said...

awesome! 37 weeks, here we come!

(if you go late, i will laugh!)

that's hilarious about "the girls"! i guess they are ready to do their job!

(maybe my stomach wasn't as big as it felt, it's just that MY boobs got smaller! they did, but not at 36 weeks, i wouldn't guess.)

good luck and keep us posted!

Shannon said...


Fingers crossed that you make it to 37 weeks and then some!

Tiara said...

Shrinking belly, too funny! Sounds like you're doing great! Here's hoping baby boy will stay put for a few more weeks!

R said...

LOL at the shrinking belly story... That's great! Me, on the other hand, my belly seems to be HUGE already, and I'm only 14 weeks. Crap, what does that mean for the rest of the pregnancy?! I'm going to be falling over forwards... I already had a belly, so I guess it didn't take much to push it out even further.

So glad the little man is staying put for now, and that you don't have to be on strict bedrest. I was told to drink 3 liters of water a day... there's no way. But I'm doing the best I can. Keep drinking that water, and rest, and hopefully you'll make it at least another week or two!