Monday, June 24, 2013

How I Loathe You TWW

I try so hard to not let the paranoia set in while on the TWW.  But no matter how I try it creeps in. 

I woke up Saturday with some mild pressure in the lower center of my abdomen.  I know I felt that feeling shortly after I got a positive HPT when I got pregnant with Gavin but I know I did not feel it this early. 

Sunday the pressure got more persistent, like I've done a hundred sit ups (It's been a LONG time since I've done that many sit ups but I vaguely remember the sensation ;).  The day culminated with some horrible unmistakable round ligament pain. 

I thought I recall my ovidrel making my ta-tas sore, but I haven't experienced it this go around until this morning.  I could barely put a bra on.  If we were close to the time where the bosses are considering bonuses, I would have considered going without.

To round out my growing, wishing and hoping symptom list,  I started some light pink spotting about two hours ago. 

I shared my symptoms a few minutes ago with the nurse at my progesterone check-up. I'm mostly concerned about the pressure in my abdomen and the fact that it isn't occurring near my ovaries rather all about two inches below my belly button.  She said it could be a number of things:

  • I am indeed pregnant and my uterus is expanding already
  • My ovaries have a large cyst on both, a clear sign that I did indeed release at least two eggs, which has caused all the pressure.
  • The meds have caused me to start my period earlier than normal and what I am experiencing is not implantation bleeding.
Of course none of these scenarios truly gives me an answer.  However, when we did my ultrasound to check my ovaries, she did say that my uterus does look a little larger than she would expect it to look like.  She also said my lining looked "fabulous". 

Thanks to the availability of some seriously cheap HPT's, I think I am going to start testing on Friday (10dpiui).  Wait, who am I kidding....I will probably start testing by tomorrow morning because the anticipation is killing me.  Plus I think I read somewhere that some people get positive HPT's two days after they see implantation bleeding. 

In other news, I taught my son to give me a kiss on the cheek a few weeks ago. But now he will jump into my arms and give me a quick peck on the lips.  It so sweet, it just makes my heart melt.  However, as adorable as it is, it is going to get us in trouble.  My son has now started to kiss the girls at daycare.  Yikes!! 


Tiara said...

keeping fingers crossed for you

Abby said...

baby kisses on the lips are delicious! don't worry, he will learn by the time he's in kindergarten... or for sure, not long after.

fingers crossed for you!

Ali said...

I saw my BFP at 9 dpiui, and that was on three different brands of tests. I've also heard a lot of people say that they experienced symptoms quicker with each pregnancy. Hopefully this is it for you!!!

As for Gavin's kisses, I'm sure they are very sweet. Besides, he will stop kissing the girls at daycare as soon as he realizes they have cooties!

Shannon said...

Oh, these all sound like really good signs! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!

Little One said...

This all sounds good. The pink spotting for me was always an indication because I don't get a period so any blood meant potential implantation. Love the lip kisses. We actually did go through something at school where my SR was telling her male friend he had to kiss her lips. She's 2!