Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Since My Last Post...

Gavin was so sick for a week, it made me realize how important it is for me to move closer to family.  Within a day after my last post, Gavin's fever shot up to 105 again causing him to have a seizure.  Words cannot even explain how terrifying it was but thankfully his condition improved within a few days and he is now back to his normal self. 

Well, I shouldn't say "normal", because it seems like he has hit the terrible two's stage a little earlier than expected.  He is really testing his boundaries lately so I had to give him his first time out.  I figured I would take a tip from Supernanny and try to get him to stay on the first step of our staircase for a 30 second time out after he continually tried to open the oven door while I was baking.  Oh the tears, screaming and kicking. After a few times of me bringing him back to the step, he calmed down and, much to my surprise, has not touched the oven since. 

A week after Gavin started feeling better, we decided to attend a local event for mothers and mothers-to-be.  Since I was all over the place with my decision to have another little one, I thought it would be a great event to attend to help me make up my mind.  Of course how could I say no after being surrounded by newborns and pregnant ladies.  I left the event with a great ol' bag of goodies including a bag of newborn diapers.  I forgot how small those little diapers are!  They are just so cute!! 

I want to tell you that from that moment out I had definitely made up my mind but I still didn't feel 100% about my decision.  If I had endless access to money, I wouldn't hesitate.  But of course I am not a wealthy person; however, I am a resourceful and determined person.  So I have made a promise to myself to start babysitting more often on the weekends so I can pay off my car earlier.  Once my car is paid off,  I will have more than enough to have another child and still have a large enough monthly financial cushion that I can feel good about.  Having a plan has helped me to feel a little more confident about going forward with TTC #2.  With that said, I am now CD 2 and am going in for my day 3 lab and ultrasound tomorrow.  All those familiar feelings that go along with starting a cycle have come flooding back.  I can't believe I'm doing this, but so exited to know that, if I'm lucky, I might be staring at a positive pregnancy test in just 30 days!


Little One said...

So excited for you with your decision. Glad Gavin is feeling better. Hope the terrible twos pass quickly.

Tiara said...

Just reading how sick Gavin was & his seizure puts knots in my stomach...I can only imagine how frightened you were!!

Good luck with CD3 labs...hope they look great!