Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh God, What Did I Get Myself Into

Hello nausea

                and dizziness

                               and pure debilitating exhaustion

I did not test this morning because I am still spotting and convinced myself sometime throughout the night that this is really a sign of the end.  I actually don't think I can consider it spotting, more like an incredibly light period.  Oh TWW how I hate you so.

But then again, I could barely get out of bed this morning because I am just so tired.  At around 8am, I was sitting at my desk and felt like I was just going to hurl.  I stood up so I could head off to the bathroom, and the room started to spin.  I did not get all of these pregnancy related symptoms until much later, 6 weeks, with my first pregnancy.  If I am pregnant, this is going to be a long first trimester.  If I am not pregnant, theses symptoms are a cruel joke.


Ali said...

Hopefully this really means you are pregnant! I've heard from friends that they felt symptoms much sooner with each pregnancy, but that could also mean that the yuckiness goes away earlier too. Good luck, and hope you get that BFP!!!

Abby said...

I think you should just test already because maybe it will put you out of your misery?

I mean, if it's negative, it won't be definitive... but on the other hand, with strong symptoms and a negative HPT, maybe you would feel convinced that you are actually just sick with a tummy bug? i would think hormone levels strong enough to cause symptoms would be high enough to be detectable with a HPT... but what do I know?

keep us posted!!!

wottadoll said...

What day are you on? I felt sick/exhausted at 9 dpo with B. I don't know but it sounds like something could be happening...?

Tiara said...

Oh how I hope these symptoms lead to a BFP for you!!

To help occupy your mind during your TWW, I have nominated you for a blog award...

Shannon said...

I'm with Abby - at this point if you're pregnant enough to be having symptoms, you'd think it would show up on a HPT! Fingers crossed!