Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post Two: Luck Is On My Side

No I am not pregnant but I'm not as bummed about it as I was this morning.

I started stressing about how I am going to pay for another cycle.  When I called my RE's office to tell them to cancel my beta, I asked if there was any way to get cheaper meds.  My rockstar of a nurse said that just minutes ago, another woman dropped off 4 boxes of  Gonal-f 300IU pens to donate and they are all mine if I want them!  Hell yes I do!!  Although they expire this month, she said they should still be good for another few months.  Now I just need to come up with $1800 more instead of $3k.  OMG this is totally doable.  If all goes well I can start another cycle at the end of July!

Funny enough,  after making my phone call, I was planning on returning some maternity clothes that I bought a few days ago.  Since the hope is still alive, I gonna keep them!

Maybe some one can help me with this too.  I still need a couple more pens of Gonal F and ovidrel. I found out that is much more cheaper than Freedom Pharmacy.  Has anyone had any experience with them? 

Anna, to answer your question, Ovidrel is often used to induce ovulation but it can also be used as a progesterone booster.  My doctor prefers this over progesterone suppositories. 


wottadoll said...

How awesome is that??? Best of luck on your July cycle!

Shannon said...

Oh, this is great news! So glad you got such a HUGE help with the meds. Yay!

Little One said...

Sorry it didn't work out. But I think the mess became available for a reason!