Friday, March 25, 2011


After a night of hot compresses, I'm just back to being sore and achy. I can handle sore and achy.

So I noticed that there are a quite a few fellow bloggers that are in the middle of their 2ww. One of the best things about blogging is you can really relate to people who are experiencing the same thoughts and physical changes as you are. After reading their blogs, it just makes me feel so relieved that what I am experiencing, whether it be little twinges or crampiness, is completely normal. I think it really has helped me in ways that I could never explain. In other words, thank you.


Andrea said...

Oh, crampiness and breast pain are completely normal. As is twinging. ;-) What would a 2ww be without things like this to drive us crazy?

I know I should give up temping while I'm post-O and on progesterone but because I know I have a progesterone issue (thanks PCOS!) I feel like I have to keep taking my temp every morning just in case it might be diagnostic in the future. Somehow it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something during the 2ww too since I can't pee on anything until next week.

I've got to do something to keep me occupied, right?

Marielle said...

The 2ww seems to be just a means of driving us crazy and not in a good way.

Hope you have good news soon!

Shannon said...

I've never felt so crazy as I did during my 2ww! You're right, it's nice to know your craziness is normal!

Hoping for great news from you next week!