Thursday, March 31, 2011

BFN or BFP? (13dpIUI or CD2)

I'm so flippin' confused right now, I don't know which way is up. While I was at work last night, AF completely stopped. I'm just spotting again this morning so I decided to take another hpt. BFN.

When I called RE's office, the nurse thought it was way to early for me to be getting my AF. She thought I still had a good chance of being pregnant from this cycle and that this might just be my body trying to have a period. So again, I have some hope.

I think the messed up part is, I can't seem to stop crying. It started yesterday afternoon around 2 and has continued on to today. My face is swollen, red and blotchy from the constant cascade of tears. Everything is setting me off, I'm just completely overwhelmed. I wish I could take a mental health day but I have a deadline to meet and I am very behind.

I just feel like a complete failure if this turns into a BFN.


Shannon said...

So when are they going to do a beta? You should be able to tell something on a beta tomorrow!

The 2ww is agony, but adding all this craziness on top of it is the worst, especially with a deadline at work.

*fingers crossed for good news tomorrow*

Tiara said...

What a roller coaster you're on...try not to be so hard on yourself with feeling like a failure. Hoping & praying for a BFP for you.

Kristina said...

Sorry things are so rough and up and down right now. Totally crazy making! Hoping and praying also that you get good news.

hopefulcc said...

Oh, the torture! Will they do a beta today? You're definitely not out yet. Thinking of you and hoping today is one of the best days of your life.