Thursday, March 17, 2011

IUI #5 -St Patty's Day

Wholly ____! The ovidrel shot has me so bloated I can't fit into my pants! I have been sitting at my desk with my top button of my pants undone so I can make myself more comfortable. It's such an awful feeling. I want to be go through the squeezing process Violet went through in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

The IUI went well today. They moved the IUI up a day because my LH was starting to increase. It went so smoothly that I didn't realize she had inserted the catheter until she said we are all done. Damn Nurse T is good! Let's just hope she got me knocked up:)

I go in for IUI#6 tomorrow. Wow it just dawned on me that I am PUPO!! Whoop Whoop!!


Shannon said...

I am firmly convinced that when the IUI goes that smoothly, it's because the timing perfect and the cervix is ready and waiting for those little swimmers.

Congrats on being PUPO!

Tiara said...

I agree with Shannon...the timing is just right plus you have the luck of the Irish today! Yeah for being PUPO!!

Gille said...

Can't get any smoother than that!
I think Ovidrel was my bloated point too! I can't remember enjoying pants much after that.