Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pulling my Head Out of My A$$

I need to recognize that these meds are making me overly emotional. Trying to be rational about everything going on I have made of list of all things that I have considered stressfull and have systematically begun to eradicate the issue. So far:

1. I called the person who was offering me the new job and apologized for any inconvenience I may have caused, thanked them again for the opportunity to interview with them, and told them I was no longer interested in the position.

2. I called my manager at my second job and calmly told them that I really enjoyed working for them for the last few years and that I am sorry for it to come down to this but tomorrow is going to be my last night working for them. The manager is now looking for other people to fill in over the weekend and told me he would not fire me for not showing up. Maybe this will all work out afterall but I don't want to rely on this job.

3. I called the bank on my lunch break and am refinancing my car to a lower rate for the same term. This gives me an extra $100 a month, further reducing the need for me to feel like I need the second job. I wish I did this a while ago but, oh well, at least it is done.

I'm feeling ten times better. Two more days to my next ultrasound. That odd aching sensation in my ovaries is something I don't think I will ever get used to but yet its reassuring to know that something is going on in there.


Billy said...

Good for you!

Tiara said...

Good for just focus on growin those follies!

Jen said...

Yay! #2 is a very important step. I remember when I walked away from my night job. It was so freeing. And less stress is good for you and your follies.