Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Word Vomit

WARNING: Drama, Drama, Drama.

What's worse is I'm already overly emotional due to the injectables, so I have been bursting into tears at a drop of hat. uggghhh.

I've been helping out like mad at my second job but figured I would stop once I started this cycle. My family is coming into town this weekend so I also thought it would be a great excuse to take time off of work from the second job. I asked off over a month ago. I normally only work Saturday night and Sunday morning. I asked off for Saturday, conceding that I would help them Thursday and Sunday. More than fair trade, right? When they posted our schedule, they have me scheduled Wednesday, Thurs, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WTF?? They said we are too short staff to let anyone off of work. I don't mind helping but this is flat out taking advantage of me. After talking to management, they said a request is a request not a guarantee. GRRRR. Seriously? I'm helping you out, and three of those shifts are not even in my availability! Dbl Grrrr.

This is a time when I should be RELAXING. They know that I am going through a new cycle, yet they don't care. Glad to know I'm just a body to them.

Since my parents already took time off to come down, we can't really cancel the trip. If I work my scheduled shifts, it will leave me with less than 6 hours of awake time to visit with them, which isn't worth their long drive. So I began contemplating just quiting. I technically don't need the money, it's just extra money for my future baby. I'm going to wait to see if they come to their senses, if they don't, h'asta luego mis amigos!

Oh wait! There's a twist to this story. I got a phone call this morning from that job interview I took my name out of the running for. They liked me enough that they want to offer more $ then what they originally stated so that I will take the job!!!! I told him I wasn't interested but when he told me that they really liked me, I melted like butter (most likely due to tremendous emotional roller coaster I'm on), so now they have me going to Wisconsin at the end of the month for a "final" interview.

If I do decide to take the job, I need to work at the restaurant a little bit longer to cover moving costs.

A part of me says taking this new job is a big mistake for my career, yet another side tells me I want to be closer to home. I turned it down for a reason the first time and I need to stick to my guns. I need to find my cajones and just tell them it's a no-go. I would just be wasting their time (and my vacation time) if I went up there. But man am I flattered! Why am I so torn??

I was blubbering like a fool at my desk earlier because all of this going on is just too much to take in at one time. I hope nobody saw it.

To cheer me up, I busted out the magic 8-ball.

"Should I quit my restaurant job" = 8-ball: Definitely
"Should I take the new planning position" = 8-ball: Ask again later.
"Will I get pregnant this cycle" = 8-ball: Yes.

I wonder if this is how Obama makes all his decisions.

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Tiara said...

Love the magic 8 ball..."do you deserve a break?" it is decidedly so! You have so much on your plate when you need to just relax. I hope things fall into place for you.